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Legal & Finance

A host of variables—gender, generation, ethnicity, state of residence, and now marital status—make financial decisions especially challenging for LGBT older adults.

Like everyone, LGBT Americans aspire to good jobs and worry about saving enough for the future. But ongoing legal discrimination, compounded with a lifetime of challenges, make it harder for LGBT older adults to become financially secure and provide for their families.

SAGEFinance* is a new national effort to improve financial security for LGBT older people in two ways.

  • Easily accessible consumer resources related to financial planning clarifying issues that are of heightened relevance to the LGBT community will support people in making intelligent decisions more aware of the challenges involved.

  • Promoting practices that best support the financial health of LGBT older people will help ensure that quality care is provided.

SAGE is dedicated to providing information that is relevant to LGBT people and their caregivers of all ages. From protecting a relationship to creating a financial plan, SAGE's financial literacy toolkit and infographics below will help you and your loved ones develop and maintain financial security in later years.

*This material is designed to provide general information. SAGE does not render tax, accounting, financial, or legal advice. Citi Community Development does not render tax, accounting or legal advice. Please consult with your tax, financial, and legal advisors regarding your personal circumstances.

SAGEFinance is generously funded by Citi Community Development and MetLife Foundation.

To learn more about the legal and financial challenges facing LGBT elders, please contact Aaron Tax, Director of Federal Government Relations, at 212-741-2247 or at

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