Chief Executive Officer

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Executive Vice President

Lynn Faria, SAGE Chief Officer for External Affairs
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Executive Team


David Rivera-Garcia

David Rivera-Garcia, CMA, MBA, is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at SAGE, where he directs Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations, and Data Strategy Initiatives.

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David Vincent

David Vincent, PhD is the Chief Program Officer with SAGE, where he provides vision, oversight and leadership to all direct service programs at SAGE, including care management, housing, behavioral health, and SAGE Center programming at SAGE.

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Hilary Meyer, SAGE Chief Enterprise and Innovation Officer

Hilary Meyer

Hilary Meyer is the Chief Innovation and Impact Officer at SAGE. In this position, Meyer leads the organization’s impact assessment, leadership development and diversity, equity and inclusion work, as well as the organization’s social enterprise (SAGECare) and select other national projects, such as the SAGE/HRC Long-Term Care Equality Index, SAGE’s National Resource Center on LGBT Aging; and SAGE’s National LGBT Elder Housing Initiative.

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Patrick Aitchison, SAGE Chief of Staff

Patrick Aitcheson

Patrick Aitcheson is the Chief of Staff at SAGE. Previously, he worked for the Diverse Elders Coalition, of which SAGE is a founding member, for two years. Prior to that, Aitcheson worked on the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) HIV/AIDS hotline as a counselor, peer supervisor, and trainer.

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  • Aaron Tax Director of Advocacy
  • Al Dominguez, SHRM-SCP
    Al Dominguez, SHRM-SCP Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Aliya Norton
    Aliya Norton Tenant Coordinator
  • Arnold Lewis
    Arnold Lewis Administrative Coordinator for Care Management
  • Ashton Stewart Manager; SAGEVets program
  • Aundaray Guess
    Aundaray Guess Site Manager, SAGE-GRIOT Innovative Senior Center of Brooklyn
  • Bill Gross Assistant Director of Special Programs
  • Bob Gurecki
    Bob Gurecki SAGE Center Food Service Coordinator
  • Cherise Sherriffe Program Coordinator, SAGE Center Bronx
  • Christian Appel
    Christian Appel Senior Coordinator; Women’s Programming, Arts, Culture, and Technology
  • Christina DaCosta
    Christina DaCosta Senior Director of Communications
  • Dan Churchill Director of Finance
  • Daniel Puerto
    Daniel Puerto Manager of Outreach and Community Engagement
  • Debra Knight
    Debra Knight Program Coordinator, Sage Harlem
  • Denise Atherley
    Denise Atherley Director of Data Strategy Initiatives
  • Dojun O’Connor
    Dojun O’Connor Wellness Counselor
  • Dorian Palumbo
    Dorian Palumbo Compliance Manager
  • Dorothy J. Helston
    Dorothy J. Helston Special Assistant, Programs and Development
  • Emma Bessire
    Emma Bessire Grassroots Organizer
  • Ildiko Kovacs
    Ildiko Kovacs Administrative Program Coordinator, Edie Windsor SAGE Center
  • Irene Tsikitas Director of Care Management Services
  • James Derham Site Director, The Edie Windsor SAGE Center
  • James Worsdale Major Gifts Officer
  • Janella Valencia
    Janella Valencia Care Manager
  • Jenifer Coto
    Jenifer Coto Staff Accountant
  • Jerry Chasen Director, Development
  • Jesse Tucker
    Jesse Tucker IT Director
  • Jessica Rozycki
    Jessica Rozycki Communications and Advocacy Manager
  • Jessica Stephens Senior Manager of Individual Giving and Database Development
  • Joanna Rivera
    Joanna Rivera Manager of Transgender and Non-Binary (TGNB) Outreach and Community Engagement
  • Joey Costello, LMSW
    Joey Costello, LMSW Assistant Director of Care Management
  • Jonathan Barrio
    Jonathan Barrio Development Officer
  • Jose Collazo
    Jose Collazo Site Director, SAGE Center Bronx
  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman Program Coordinator, SAGE Center Bronx
  • Joseph Petrillo
    Joseph Petrillo Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
  • Joseph Wasserman
    Joseph Wasserman Senior Director of Development
  • Joshua Tweedy
    Joshua Tweedy Program Coordinator Health & Wellness, Edie Windsor SAGE Center
  • Jude Young
    Jude Young Concierge, SAGE Brooklyn at Stonewall House
  • Julie Ugoretz
    Julie Ugoretz Friendly Visitor and SAGEConnect Program Manager
  • Karalin Sprague Director of Strategy & Impact Assessment
  • Karen Cushing SAGECare Business Development Lead
  • Latisha Millard-Bethea
    Latisha Millard-Bethea Director of Resident Services, NYC Housing Initiative
  • Lauren Feiring
    Lauren Feiring Assistant Director of Housing
  • Lauren Pongan
    Lauren Pongan National Director, Diverse Elders Coalition
  • Lindsay Ortman
    Lindsay Ortman Development Associate
  • Lisa Eddy
    Lisa Eddy Program Coordinator, SAGE-GRIOT Innovative Senior Center of Brooklyn
  • Lisa Sloan
    Lisa Sloan Program Director, SAGE-Pride Center of Staten Island
  • Liz Kinports
    Liz Kinports Care Manager
  • Lucy Veras
    Lucy Veras Concierge, SAGE Bronx at Crotona Pride House
  • Marialy Camilo
    Marialy Camilo Tenant Coordinator
  • Natalie Gonzalez
    Natalie Gonzalez Program Coordinator, Stonewall House
  • Natalie Hamingson
    Natalie Hamingson Development Officer, Corporate Partnerships
  • Nina Darby
    Nina Darby Diverse Elders Coalition Trainer
  • Noreen Samantha Bautista
    Noreen Samantha Bautista Care Manager-Harlem/Staten Island
  • Ocean Le Senior Program Coordinator
  • Odinakachi Chigewe
    Odinakachi Chigewe Site Director, SAGE Brooklyn at Stonewall House
  • Patricia Fraser-Morales
    Patricia Fraser-Morales Program Assistant, SAGE Center Harlem
  • Paul Ortiz
    Paul Ortiz Senior Director of Programs & Services
  • Reynaldo Mireles Jr
    Reynaldo Mireles Jr Director of Coalition and Capacity Building
  • Reyno Francisco
    Reyno Francisco Case Manager
  • River Russ
    River Russ Care Manager, Edie Winsor SAGE Center
  • Rodrigue Anato
    Rodrigue Anato IT Support Specialist
  • Roy Inman
    Roy Inman Data Entry Coordinator
  • Sadiya Abjani
    Sadiya Abjani Director of Learning and Equity
  • Sarah Savino
    Sarah Savino Director of Facilities and Office Services
  • Sarah Streat
    Sarah Streat Manager of Institutional Partnerships
  • Sasha Harrison Digital Communications Specialist
  • Sherri Rase
    Sherri Rase Youth and Senior Services Manager, SAGE-Pride Center of Staten Island
  • Sherrill Wayland Director of National Education Initiatives
  • Shieda Gregory
    Shieda Gregory Manager of Contracts and Grants
  • Suley Cruz Site Director, SAGE Center Harlem
  • Sydney Kopp-Richardson Director, National LGBT Elder Housing Initiative
  • Sylvia Warren
    Sylvia Warren Data Entry Specialist
  • Tanisha Hines
    Tanisha Hines Assistant Director of National LGBT Housing Initiative
  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston Senior Education Advisor
  • Ty Martin
    Ty Martin Harlem Community Liaison
  • Zara Eldridge
    Zara Eldridge Tenant Coordinator