We can all do something to look out for each other

Whether you attend an event, sign a petition, or make an online donation, your involvement with SAGE matters. Together, we’re building caring, vibrant communities for LGBTQ+ people everywhere. Join us.

Nothing about us without us

We invite you to join us—in whatever way works for you. Get ideas about how your involvement can make a difference in this short video.

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(Woman speaking to the camera.)

I became an activist in my early 40s when I first came out and over the years as I’ve associated with SAGE I realize—and SAGE realizes—that there can be nothing about us without us.

(Black and white photo of old parade. Men carrying a banner that reads ‘SAGE – Senior Action in a Gay Environment.’)

(Photograph of smiling young woman SAGE volunteer with a grateful older man.)

(Older women leaning forward and kissing each other.)

I love SAGE because it’s family. It’s been family for Pat & I over 30 years. They have saved us in so many ways.

(Smiling men seated side by side. People jumping for joy in a NYC SAGE Center. Smiling women seated side by side. Three smiling people in festive attire at a SAGE event. People slow dancing together in a NYC SAGE Center.)

(Older man speaking to the camera.)

I really enjoy coming to SAGE. We are so fortunate to have this place where we can be ourselves with each other.

(Men in an exercise class at a NYC SAGE Center.)

(Older man speaking to the camera.)

Eight years ago I was told that I was pre-diabetic. Through a seminar held by SAGE, I’ve managed to remain pre-diabetic for that eight years.

(Voice speaks over photo montage of smiling men and women.)

Join SAGE in speaking up for those elders who can’t. Join us in conversations that create bonds across generations. Join us in new opportunities to learn and grow together.

Now it’s your turn

Help us take the next steps forward. We’ve been looking out for LGBTQ+ people since 1978, and we’ve celebrated amazing successes in that time. With your involvement, we can do even more.


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