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Rural LGBTQ+ elders deserve our support

As we enter the holiday season and its risks for isolated elders, I find myself thinking about recently deceased comedic genius Leslie Jordan. Jordan was distinctive not just because he was flamboyantly gay, but also because he was dramatically and […]

‘We feel more secure’: As Respect for Marriage Act passes, same-sex couples share tentative enthusiasm

Almost 40 years ago, Howard and Brad Grossman bought wedding bands to signify their commitment to each other after years of dating. But with same-sex marriage illegal at the time, the gay couple could only mark their partnership through those rings, not […]

An L.G.B.T.Q. Model for Elder Care

To the Editor: Re “Who Will Care for the Kinless Seniors?,” by Paula Span (The New Old Age, Dec. 6): Aging “kinless” may be new to older Americans who are straight. But there’s nothing novel about it for L.G.B.T.Q.+ older […]

Retirement Communities Cater to LGBTQ+ Population

A generation that grew up in an earlier era worries about discrimination amid a search for senior housing Joseph Rieckhoff relished the palm trees and mountain views from his ranch-style home in Palm Springs, Calif. But when routine tasks became […]

The anxieties of growing old when you’re LGBTQ

Who would bring you chicken soup if you were sick? For most people of a certain age, that’s easy — a spouse or an adult child would step up. For many LGBTQ people, however, it’s not a simple question at […]

New York governor signs bill expanding assistance for LGBTQ seniors

Access to physical and mental health care, free or discounted meal deliveries, caregivers and other forms of support are now easier for LGBTQ seniors in New York state to get. Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill into law this week making New […]