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LGBTQ+ senior citizens in Arkansas face barriers to safe and stable housing

Fred McLean hoped his veteran status would help him and Donald Underwood obtain housing aid from the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs when they got married in 2022. McLean has received health care from the VA for years but said […]

10 trans people share how their life satisfaction has changed after transition

Transgender people overwhelmingly describe their lives after transitioning as “happier,” “authentic” and “comforting” despite a deluge of state legislation in recent years that seeks to restrict their access to health care and other aspects of life. Over the last three […]

Inside a High-Stakes Fight to Limit Social Media’s Hold on Children

When New York’s governor and attorney general joined forces to pass a law trying to restrict social media companies’ ability to use algorithms to shape content for children, they expected Big Tech to put up a battle. That fight has […]

Best Buy offers to screen LGBTQ nonprofit donations after conservative pressure, filing shows

Best Buy offered to screen donations from its employee resource groups going to LGBTQ causes following pressure from a conservative think tank that holds shares in the company, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made public this week. The SEC […]

Church in Virginia Seeks to Offer LGBTQ-affirming Senior Housing

Leaders and members of the Clarendon Presbyterian Church, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary on April 13, have said they decided to continue to fulfill their mission of religious faith by using the land on which their church is located […]

10 Surprising Facts About Senior Living

Fact #1: “80 is the new 65.” Innovations in health care and a focus on prevention combined with exercise mean that seniors today can live longer, healthier lives. In the last 12 months, the average age of seniors A Place for […]