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A New Digital Platform Helps LGBTQ Pioneers on the Path to Financial Stability

For decades, the LGBTQ community has advocated for equal rights and representation. From the pivotal 1969 Stonewall Riots to the historic ruling allowing for same-sex couples to marry in 2015, countless battles have been fought — and many won — […]

Meet 2 Transgender Women Who Share Why It’s Never Too Late to Transition

Wendy Cole says she was tired of living her life as a “pretend male.” The 73-year-old Pennsylvania woman was 10 when she realized the body in which she was born didn’t match her true identity. Deciding to transition at 67 […]

Local Senior Living Communities Celebrate Inclusive Living

Three local senior living communities have earned SAGECare Platinum Certification from SAGE, a nonprofit focused on LGBTQ+ and aging For LGBT seniors, moving into a senior living community comes with a unique set of fears. According to SAGE (Services and Advocacy […]

What’s Ahead for LGBTQ Senior Housing?

From 2001 to 2004, Bonnie McGowan found herself dealing with a lengthy discrimination lawsuit. She had purchased 157 acres in New Mexico with plans to build an LGBTQ-friendly retirement village and was promptly sued by the surrounding community. McGowan and […]

Let them be invisible no longer

Much of the news we cover here at McKnight’s isn’t exactly sexy. Even less of it is about sex, but we know (and we know that you know) nursing homes are far from sex-less. Late in life, sex remains an important part of […]

Senate passage of the Equality Act necessary to extend civil rights to all

Doug Kimmel of Hancock is a retired psychologist, co-founder of the national SAGE organization, and professor emeritus of The City College of New York. A few years ago, I helped organize SAGE Maine, an affiliate organization focused on providing services and […]