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LGBTQ+ elders endured decades of discrimination. Now, the Stonewall generation needs help.

The LGBTQ+ pioneers who made great sacrifices are continually at risk. Suzanne Bonamici and Michael Adams Opinion contributors   Time is running out to make long-overdue investments in our country’s growing community of LGBTQ+ elders, who have spent their lives breaking […]

‘I can’t relate to anyone:’ Living as a transgender senior in Tampa Bay

Hope Ryan knew she couldn’t cheat death. But at 14, she was pretty sure she’d found a way to evade puberty. “The whole thing, socializing with girls, being a dude or not a dude, made me very uncomfortable,” she said. […]

Newly Passed California Law Recognizes the Needs of Older People Living With HIV

This past July marked the 40-year anniversary of The New York Times story noting a rare cancer found in several dozen “homosexuals.” That cancer, of course, was Kaposi’s sarcoma, and the cause was a wiped-out immune system, caused by the yet-to-be identified […]

LGBTQ older adults fear discrimination in long-term care, need protections: study

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer residents in assisted living and other long-term care settings fear discrimination, necessitating a “dramatic, systematic change” to care to protect those residents and promote equitable healthcare, according to a new study from Rush University […]

A Second ‘Closet’ for Some LGBTQ Seniors Entering Nursing Homes

The Stonewall generation is entering old age, and a new study finds many LGBTQ+ seniors are fearful that the prejudices of staff and fellow residents at nursing homes could leave them vulnerable to continued misunderstanding, stigma and discrimination. In fact, […]

Digital divide impacting the isolated LGBTQ elderly communities

We’ve heard about the digital divide involving education and children during the pandemic, but there’s another group also experiencing a communications gap. However, a nonprofit group that works to support LGBTQ elders says the divide and isolation in the community […]