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Providing Help & Hope to LGBTQ+ Elders Struggling With Suicide

This is National Suicide Prevention Week, which technically means that during this week we are to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Next week is, among other things, National Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week, and the last week in September is […]

Inflation Reduction Act: An Important Step Supporting LGBTQ+ Elders

As the heads of two of the country’s most prominent organizations working on behalf of older Americans from diverse communities, we celebrate President Biden’s signing of the Inflation Reduction Act recently passed by Congress. The new law will provide essential new benefits […]

This LGBTQ-friendly seniors building is a ‘dream come true’ for residents — and a model for affordable housing in other cities

After nearly three years of waiting and with their financial security waning, Suz Atlas and her partner Mary Groce finally moved from Camden to the John C. Anderson Apartments in Center City on May 1, 2017. “We couldn’t get here […]

Give These Elderqueer Heroes Their Flowers Already

In queer circles, you’ll likely get read for not knowing important moments in LGBTQ+ history, such as the origins and key players of Pride (*read, in this context, meaning thoroughly but gently, publicly shamed). It makes sense. How can we […]

Stonewall generation has a warning for the LGBTQ community post-Roe: ‘Be really afraid right now’

Stonewall generation has a warning for the LGBTQ community post-Roe: ‘Be really afraid right now’ LGBTQ elders fear the hard-fought gains of what some call the first ‘out’ generation are greatly at risk. Susan Miller, USA TODAY Published 6:01 a.m. […]

For older LGBTQ+ caretakers, together can still feel alone against aging and illness

About 75% of LGBTQ+ adults 45 and older are concerned about having enough support from family and friends. Severe illness and aging can worsen the sense of isolation A gold band decorates Hermina Ban’s left ring finger; her wife’s hands […]