Trans Aging: A Legacy of Visibility

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Nobody knows better than our transgender elders what it means to refuse to be invisible. They have been, and continue to be strong, compassionate, and vibrant role models for our community. But far too often, they are left out of the narrative of our history, overlooked, or condemned.

The Trans Legacy Campaign aims to celebrate the vibrancy and resiliency of older transgender community members and increase the representation of transgender elders amidst the ongoing struggles facing the community.

In collaboration with Trans Equality Consulting, we’re thrilled to share this virtual gallery, featuring the photos of six local transgender elders. Captured by photographers viento izquierdo ugaz and Oscar Diaz, each image is accompanied by quotes from the elders as they describe their experiences as members of the transgender community. This includes legendary spokeswoman and iconic performer Miss Simone of the West Village, who has faced discrimination and transphobia over her lifetime.

Transgender elders are arguably the most vulnerable group within the LGBTQ+ community. They have lived their lives in a society where being their authentic selves means suffering from harassment, discrimination, and prejudice. This disparate treatment leads to profound disparities that result in poor health, financial insecurity, and lack of community support.

Despite these challenges, transgender elders have persevered through adversity and been an integral part of the movement for equality for LGBTQ+ people nationwide. This resilience is portrayed in the Trans Legacy Campaign, which gives the public an inside look at the experiences and challenges they faced in their quest to live as their authentic selves.

We will be hosting the Trans Legacy Gallery Show at SAGE Center Brooklyn at Stonewall House on the evening of June 3, 2022 for community members who would like to attend. For those who are not able to join us in person, please enjoy this virtual gallery.


The Trans Legacy Gallery


Meet the Crew!

This project would not have been possible without the incredible support of Trans Equity Consulting and the talented Art Direction and Makeup crews, who were made up entirely of trans, non binary, and genderfluid folks. Special thanks to:

Photography/Art Direction: viento izquierdo ugaz & Oscar Diaz
Backdrop Textile Artist: Cassandra Mayela
Makeup Artists: Lorena Ambrosio and Mia Karet
Vision and Strategy: Cyd Nova & Cecilia Gentili

LGBTQ+ elders age their way, but can they age in place?