Dawn Fischer (She/Her)

Dawn Fischer (She/Her),

Dawn Fischer is a registered nurse who has worked in the HIV Unit at Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles, the Intensive Care Unit at NYU, The Wellington Hospital in London and The New York Organ Donor Network. Her work as a direct care provider allows her to bring a unique perspective to her LGBTQ+ advocacy work.

Fischer is a former SAGE Board member who served on the Nominating & Governance and Development Committees, and was Chair of the Development Committee. Fischer is currently serving on the Board of Trustees of The Packer Collegiate School.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and coaching softball, and has been a member of the 37-year-old Prospect Park Women’s Softball League Executive Committee for eight years. Dawn lives in Brooklyn with her wife of 24 years, Stacey Friedman, and their two children.