Staci Alexander

Staci Alexander

Staci Alexander is the Vice-President of Thought Leadership at AARP and leads a dynamic team of issue experts working across sectors to cultivate and elevate new ideas, solutions, and [...]

Daisy Hunte

Daisy Hunte has been in the Marketing and Media industry for two years. She is the communications assistant of SAGE. In 2021, she enrolled in a digital marketing boot camp and has been a [...]

Darcy Connors

Darcy Connors

Darcy Connors is the Executive Director of SAGEServes, where she leads SAGE’s flagship community services and housing-based services programs including care management, LGBTQ-friendly housing, [...]

Michele Giordano

Michele Giordano

Michele Giordano (she/her) has extensive experience with mission-focused start-ups and nonprofits leading expansion efforts across the U.S. and globally. Previously, Michele was the Senior Vice [...]

Robin Robinson

Robin is a compassionate and committed individual with a passion for social justice. One of Robin’s proudest achievements was being interviewed by news program Democracy Now! to discuss the [...]

Basil Vaughn Soper

Basil Vaughn Soper is a southern man of transgender experience, a multidisciplinary producer, and a storyteller. He specializes in many areas, such as communications and media, web design, public [...]

Grace Halvorson

Grace Halvorson has worked for various nonprofits in New York and San Diego. In Grace’s previous position, she worked as a Strategic Philanthropy and Planned Giving Officer at Girl Scouts of the [...]

Shawn Odle

Shawn Odle

Shawn is the Director of Resident Services, NYC Housing Initiative at Sage USA. Where he directs the operations of resident services such as Crotona Pride House and Stonewall House overseeing [...]

Allegra Hirschman

Allegra Hirschman is an experienced non-profit program director, social researcher, multi-media storyteller, LGBTQ+ community organizer and writer. Her writing has appeared in Huffpo, Mutha [...]

Thomas Godwin

Thomas recently completed their master’s in social work and has experience working in mental health crisis care, project management, and non-profit development. Thomas is passionate about [...]

Sophie Tamayo

Sophie is a Queer, first-generation college graduate originally from San Diego, California. In 2021, she graduated from University of California Santa Cruz magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts [...]

Bryan Ellicott

Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science/ Public Administration from the City University of New York – College of Staten Island.  Bryan was previously employed at [...]