Thea Cook: Taking Care, Now and in the Future

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Thea Cook is the Site Manager for the Edie Windsor SAGE Center in New York City. When she heard about the match campaign at a recent staff meeting, she was intrigued.

A few weeks later, she heard about it again when the SAGE Board Alumni Reunion was abuzz with excitement over the campaign. This time, she was moved to action.

“The fact that someone else was giving money now to match my contribution in the future clinched the deal for me. It was kind of a no-brainer. I think it even made me give more than I otherwise might have.”

Thea knows firsthand the difference that SAGE’s work makes in the lives of our constituents.

“My work as manager of the Edie Windsor Center allows me to see how crucial this center is to the lives of our community’s elders,” says Thea. “Especially in this political environment, it’s up to nonprofits to help people. We can’t count on the government to protect us and have our backs. We have to do it, and it becomes that much more important.”
Thea Cook, SAGE
Thea knows well that one person can make a real difference day-to-day. The generosity of the match from the Edie Windsor Legacy Matching Campaign convinced her that she could make a difference today and in the future. “Why wouldn’t I want my money going where it would do some good?”

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