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Out and Visible: The Experiences and Attitudes of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Older Adults, Ages 45-75 examines the values, needs, wants and lifestyle preferences of LGBT older people. This study explores the aging realities of LGBT people, as well as their fears, beliefs, behaviors and aspirations in areas such as healthcare, finance and retirement, support systems, housing and sources of information. Together, we can reach a diverse population that has remained underserved for too long, while helping them attain a full life that's financially secure, free of discrimination and surrounded by community.

Interested in partnering with SAGE to understand key areas of this report, or to explore how SAGE can support your organizational and business strategies related to LGBT older people? Email us at or contact us at 212-741-2247.


SAGE would like to thank the Gill Foundation for its generous support of this research initiative and report. We are deeply grateful to David Krane, Marjie Sands and John Simmons at Nielsen for leading this LGBT older adult market research study—and to Bob Witeck at Witeck Communications for his invaluable insights and guidance on emerging LGBT households and markets. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Rebecca Gillan (Senior Vice President) and John Hagerty (Senior Strategic Advisor) at the AARP Research Center for their indispensable advice throughout the life of this project.

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