The Power of Data for TGNB Visibility

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53 years after transgender women led the Stonewall Uprisings, Transgender and Gender non-binary (TGNB) older people are sidelined because of persistent invisibility. Invisibility is enabled by the consistent lack of data collection about gender identity and trans experiences. Collecting accurate data about TGNB allows organizations and government agencies to craft programs, services, and policies explicitly tailored to TGNB elders, and is imperative to systemically enhance visibility and improve care.

This year, SAGE is thrilled to sit on the Outreach Council for the 2022 US Transgender Survey (USTS). The USTS was first conducted in 2015, and with 28,000 participants, it is the largest survey of TNGB people in the US and is the primary source of data about TGNB people. The participation goal for the 2022 USTS is 40,000 people. Because they are so often excluded from data and programming, TGNB adults age 50+ are a priority group for the 2022 USTS. Survey participation by TGNB elders will enable researchers, policymakers, advocates, and allies to better understand and meet the unique needs of TGNB people.

If you or a loved one is 50+ and identifies as transgender, gender non-binary, or gender non-conforming, it is critical that you complete the USTS survey, which is open now until November 21, 2022.


Why is this survey so critical?

TGNB elders are routinely discriminated against in housing, insurance, healthcare, employment, and housing. Policymakers make everyday decisions based on data, so we need data that includes TGNB elders in order to shape policy that supports them! In the face of immense challenges, TGNB elders are incredibly accomplished and are unbelievably resilient. Data collection efforts and the USTS will help bring a voice to TGNB older people and community members across the country.

Communication through data is a vehicle for reaching equality. Together, we can combat the invisibility that the transgender community faces – the USTS survey is the place to start.