Conservatives go to war with Mike Johnson’s $1.2 TRILLION funding package

The rightward flank of the House GOP is fighting mad about the recently released $1.2 trillion spending deal that would fund six agencies of government for fiscal year 2024.

The deal, brokered between Speaker Mike Johnson and his appropriators and Democrats, was released at 3 a.m. on Thursday and a vote on it is expected Friday morning. It’s expected to pass despite conservative opposition.

If the House and Senate do not pass the bill by Friday at 11:59 p.m., the government will go into partial shutdown.

‘A massive spending bill drafted in secrecy and dropped on us in the middle of the night is being rushed to the House floor for a vote with less than 36 hours to review,’ the 50-member, ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus wrote on X.

House GOP leadership touted conservative wins like a three percent increase in defense spending, retaining the Hyde amendment and a ban on gas stove restrictions. But rank-and-file conservatives have called out other provisions like the bill’s $200 million for a new FBI headquarters and $300 million that goes toward the Ukrainian Assistance Initiative. […]

Click here to read to the full piece. This story was originally published by Daily Mail on March 22, 2024.