Gay Desert Guide Weekend: Mar. 22-24, 2024

And now it’s time for the public service portion of our program. National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week is underway, I took a tour of “PS….Test” this week with Dr. Phyllis Ritchie and her team. And I’ve been asking around since I learned about 2-1-1 for PrEP, and have found that many in our community are not aware of it. Many know of Doxy PEP to stop STDs, but this was new to me. Just three doses of meds to prevent transmission of HIV.

We’re also partnering with Desert Oasis Health Care on “Ask A Gay Doc”, a twice monthly video series on LGBTQ Health. Dr. Renzo Corzano and KGAY’s John Taylor have frank and humorous discussions in order to bring a little levity to some serious subjects. […]

Click here to read to the full piece. This story was originally published by KGAY – AM on March 22, 2024.