A group of SAGE supporters at a fundraiser in Miami in 2018


Join us as we honor community leaders Raquel Matas and Carla Lupi.

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 7pm to 9pm

Toast SAGE’s work with and on behalf of LGBT elders

Join us for drinks and hors-d’oeuvres with SAGE supporters in Miami to celebrate our community’s trailblazers as well as honor Raquel Matas and Carla Lupi. At the reception, SAGE CEO Michael Adams will share updates from our work in South Florida and the rest of the country. Your attendance furthers SAGE’s work, assuring that our LGBT pioneers can continue to thrive.

A family for more than 30 years, these women provided a role model for others by being both out and successful within the power structure—Raquel in the legal profession and Carla as an MD specializing in obstetrics and gynecology—while at the same time raising a daughter (at a time when it was far more unusual for a same-gender couple) and supporting with time and resources numerous LGBT organizations, both nationally and locally. These women are truly SAGE pioneers.
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In the current political climate, LGBT older Americans are at risk of losing some of their hard-fought rights. As the leading organization advocating with and providing services to LGBT older adults, SAGE stands proudly with our LGBT pioneers—the people who have been fighting for decades for their right to live with dignity and respect. The proceeds of SAGE & Friends Miami are essential to SAGE’s ability to meet the increasing demand for services and advocacy for LGBT older adults. Purchase sponsorships for SAGE & Friends Miami.
For more information about sponsorships, email Kevin Stec or call 212-741-2247 x235.


  • James G. Pepper Charitable Fund at Our Fund
  • Larry Hyer
  • Roger Thomson & Jim Tyrrell
  • Drew Werner & Shai Tertner
  • Belvedere Vodka


  • Colgate Darden
  • Liebe & Seth Gadinsky
  • Don Hayden & Brian Thompson
  • Jonathan & Mark Kravitz
  • Herman Rodriguez
  • Jayne Baron Sherman & Deby Zum


  • Scott Bennett
  • Jerry Chasen & Mark Kirby
  • Scott Dansky & John Dawson
  • Ellen Leesfield & Pam Perry
  • Robert Ross & Robert Dover
  • Mickey Rolfe & Bruce Tracy
  • Elizabeth Schwartz & Lydia Martin
  • Elliott Sernel & Larry Falconio


  • Mario Arnez & Richard Shannon
  • David Cole & Dan Topp
  • Comprehensive Money Management
  • John Cucci & Gene Martinez
  • Cheryl Little & Maggie Buch
  • Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Alix Richie & Marty Davis
  • Gloria Romero Roses & Tom Roses
  • Shutts & Bowen


  • Rene Ruiz Collection
  • Frank Stark


  • Steve Adkins & Diego Goncalves
  • Cristian Arango & Brad Rosenblatt
  • Jonathan Barrio & Candelario Saldana
  • Amy Bloom & Maria Hernandez
  • Jerry Chasen & Mark Kirby
  • Russell Corbett & Christopher Brandon
  • Dennis Edwards & Mark Steinberg
  • Craig Goldstein
  • Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Gongora
  • Bill Hahne
  • Lynne Harkless
  • Don Hayden & Brian Thompson
  • Lawrence Hyer
  • Dr. Richard F. Jacobs
  • David Leeds & Peter Casey
  • Ellen Leesfield & Pam Perry
  • Cheryl Little & Maggie Buch
  • Boris Moreno
  • Mark Nedlin & Marc Lamb
  • Bill Neubauer & Jae Camino
  • Renan Rangel
  • Lynare Robbins & Carmen Suero
  • Robert Ross
  • Elizabeth Schwartz & Lydia Martin
  • Robin Schwartz & Wendy Silva
  • Craig Smith & Rafael Rodriguez
  • Laura Steckler & Jennifer Parrado
  • Roger Thomson & Jim Tyrrell
  • Drew Werner & Shai Tertner
  • Keith Jacobson
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SAGE Event

February 9, 2019
7pm to 9pm

The Betsy Hotel
1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL
The Betsy offers valet parking;
public parking is available nearby.
Guests are encouraged to take
Uber or Lyft.