SAGE Statement on the Long Island LGBTQ+ Network’s Use of “SAGE Long Island”

In July 2022, SAGE launched a new 5-year strategic plan with a 10-year vision. We are evolving and growing to create an equitable world where LGBTQ+ elders thrive because they are valued and have boundless opportunities. As part of our strategic direction, we created SAGECollab – a new, flexible and expansive approach to partnerships.  SAGECollab replaces SAGE’s affiliate network model and ends the practice of allowing former affiliates to use the SAGE trademark in connection with their activities or programs.

Over the last year and a half, SAGE has worked with former affiliates on operationalizing this change. With the exception of the Long Island LGBTQ+ Network, all other former SAGE affiliates that have been requested by SAGE to cease usage of our trademark have done so.

“SAGE Long Island” is not a part of SAGE and the usage of that name is unauthorized. There is no connection between SAGE USA and the initiative known as SAGE Long Island.

We are excited to be working with more organizations, especially those serving transgender and non-binary elders, LGBTQ+ elders of color, and rural LGBTQ+ elders, through SAGECollab.