LGBTQ elders are returning to the closet. Affordable housing can keep them out

As rainbow flags hang throughout New York City, I can’t help but wonder how many LGBTQ elders will spend Pride Month worried about housing. According to SAGE, a nonprofit advocating for LGBTQ+ elders, safe, affordable, and consistent housing is a significant concern for LGBTQ people in our city, especially as they age.

It is something my wife and I worry about as we get older: How can we age in dignity when we begin living off a fixed income? Housing security scares us.

If you’re thinking lots of New Yorkers worry about housing, you’re right. But for aging queer people, especially those who are Black or transgender, housing insecurity is exacerbated by discrimination, disparities, and a higher likelihood of not having children.

Click here to read the full piece. This story was originally published by Epicenter NYC on June 3, 2024.