How to be a better ally to the LGBTQ community

Older people in the LGBTQ community are especially in need of support, both from each other and the outside community. According to SAGE, an organization specializing in elder LGBTQ adults, they are twice as likely to live alone and four times as likely not to have children.

“Loneliness, in the community is very prevalent because many people didn’t have supportive families. So, we made our own families within the community,” Salas said. “A majority of all my friends that I was out with as a gay man, then as transgender, are all deceased. Many of my friends are heterosexual women now.”

June is Pride Month, a celebration of LGBTQ communities. It’s also a chance to raise awareness of issues the community faces and ways those outside the community can show support.

There are many resources available that offer guidance for people in the LGBTQ community who might be struggling. Organizations such as the Trevor Project and SAGE provide advice, support and resources.

Click here to read the full piece. This story was originally published by CNN on May 26, 2023.