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Your community awaits. Call them together.

Host a meal and a conversation
with your LGBT friends and
allies of all ages in our national
friend-raiser: SAGE Table.

Build connections between generations with SAGE Table

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SAGE Table stories

A collage of SAGE Tables across the US

This Year’s SAGE Table Is Off to a Bold Start

On November 8, 2018, in more than 150 locations across the U.S. and the globe, thousands of LGBT people and allies gathered as part of the intergenerational LGBT initiative SAGE Table. The event, which had a successful debut last year […]

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Why SAGE Table: Our Commonalities

The beauty of an intergenerational friendship is infinite. SAGE Table brings older and younger members of the LGBT community together to talk about our commonalities. We go through the same things, we have a shared history, and we have a […]

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Rae Tutera speaks with Marie Spivey at a SAGE Table

Why SAGE Table: Learning Our Histories

Hosting a SAGE Table affords you the opportunity to learn about LGBTQ history in a profound way: through the people who lived it. It also allows you to better understand your own role in creating our history and our future.

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Let’s make a movement, not just a moment

SAGE Table is about building real connections IRL (in real life) that can sustain us all as we age.

Find allies, share stories, and celebrate your event by using the hashtag #SAGETable on social media. Connect with other hosts, guests, and supporting organizations:

Host a community SAGE Table

Last year, half of SAGE Table events were hosted by organizations. Food, casual conversation, and a relaxed environment make for a great engagement opportunity!

Have questions?

Join the SAGE Table Facebook Group to post a question or check out upcoming webinars that can connect you to other hosts and SAGE staff.