A New Home for Housing Developers

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As we usher in 2023, SAGE and the National LGBTQ+ Elder Housing Initiative (NHI) are thrilled to launch a new online resource hub! With generous support from Wells Fargo, this hub will serve as a comprehensive, user-friendly repository of the multi-media assets, publications, and resources developed by the NHI. Over the past seven years, the NHI has generated and convened dozens of resources for developers on how to build LGBTQ+-affirming, affordable elder housing in the U.S. This rich archive of content is now housed in a clearly accessible hub to help even more builders, service providers, and community-based organizations across the country to build LGBTQ+-affirming elder housing.

What’s Inside the New Hub:

  • A robust training series for housing developers on topics like fair housing law, LGBTQ+ cultural competencies, and trauma-informed design. With Wells Fargo’s support, this series of nine trainings (two that are highly interactive) are available in an asynchronous online format and free for developers, social service providers, and any interested stakeholders to complete at their own pace.
  • Free access to valuable panel discussions and keynotes from national leaders in the housing sphere from past NHI virtual symposia.
  • Nine modules of the Housing Development Toolkit, designed for developers and CBOs to distill the development process and gain tools around community buy-in, affirming marketing, financing, and community outreach strategies.
  • An interactive map of housing policies and resources by state and more, such as developer surveys, links to studies and publications, and many more training and educational materials.

New Step-by-Step Resources for Building LGBTQ+ Friendly Housing

One particularly exciting new tool in this resource hub is the launch of SAGE’s housing development process case study. With deep reflection on the lessons learned in the development of Stonewall House and Crotona Pride House, the NHI has developed a detailed archive of SAGE’s housing development process from ideation through lease-up, identifying benchmarks, successes, challenges, and key considerations for future projects. This map of historical knowledge is shared as an interactive web experience, drawing on the input of multiple internal and external stakeholders involved along each step of SAGE’s housing development process. This tool includes a downloadable report of SAGE’s case study with more specific details for stakeholders to best inform their own housing development visioning and processes.

SAGE is excited to synthesize these important resources in one location to better support the work of advocates and leaders and the housing field. By building out a more user-friendly and easily accessible online repository of NHI resources, we hope to grow a wider reach for key stakeholders. This dynamic online resource hub functions as a robust repository, increasing access to resources and the production of LGBTQ+-welcoming elder housing in the long-term.

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