SAGE: Annual Report 2019

Publish date: June 2020
Source: SAGE
Topics: SAGE Documents

In 2019, SAGE celebrated World Pride in New York City and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising nationwide. Because this was such a historical moment for our LGBTQ+ elders, SAGE made sure our trailblazing pioneers remained out in front decades later. The spirit behind our pioneers’ fierce resistance at Stonewall was reflected in SAGE’s accomplishments in 2019, including our inaugural National Day of Advocacy, as well as SAGE’s first-ever national housing symposium. We still have plenty of obstacles to tackle – including dismantling systemic racism and achieve racial equity and justice for our Black and brown elders and all people of color.  But as our LGBTQ+ elders have taught us time and time again, we can and will continue the fight against – and overcome — injustice.