Today we honor, tomorrow we continue the fight

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SAGE hosted a Transgender Day of Remembrance Ceremony to convene transgender and gender nonconforming participants, and allies at the Edie Windsor SAGE Center last night. There, special guest, City Council member Helen Rosenthal, shared intimate and powerful comments about her work and time spent on the Women’s and Gender Equity Committee, in the wake of Layleen Polanco’s death.
As Transgender Day of Remembrance draws to a close, we reflect on 2019 – our struggle, those who we have lost, and how we will proceed into 2020. It is difficult and heartbreaking to think of the trans or gender nonconforming people we have lost to senseless acts of violence this year and over the past decade. But while we honor who they were and mourn that they are no longer with us, it is also important to remember that we are still here, we are still fighting, and we will change this.
For Transgender Day of Remembrance, we take the time to honor those we have lost and to renew our commitment to demand more from our leaders and lawmakers to end this epidemic of violence now.