James Derham

Site Manager, The Edie Windsor SAGE Center

James Derham is the Site Manager at The Edie Windsor SAGE Center. Prior to joining SAGE, James worked in the Education department at Planned Parenthood of NYC. At PPNYC James served as a Senior Sexuality Educator, facilitating over 100 workshops to young people across New York City. More recently, he coordinated PPNYC’s ‘Youth Health Promoters’ peer education program. In this role, he recruited, trained and supervised a team of 16-21 year olds who facilitated workshops and conducted outreach to over 2000 of their peers annually across the city. James created a portfolio of programming for his team, successfully collaborating with WNYC, MTV, and video producers from PBS to train the young people in a variety of skills. Members of his team went on to have articles published in Teen Vogue, Advocate.com and Medium.com.

Prior to moving to the United States, James worked at the UK’s largest LGBT service-providing nonprofit organization, LGBT Foundation in Manchester, England. Here, he coordinated the organization’s sexual health program, managing sexual health testing services, outreach and education. James won a national award for a sexual health campaign he created, and has also spoken at national conferences, discussing a successful HIV home testing project he piloted.

James has been involved with SAGE since 2016, volunteering with the Friendly Visitor Program.