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May 11, 2017

LGBTQ Elders and Youth to Break Bread at SAGE Table

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By Staff
On a typical day, not many LGBTQ people cross paths in a meaningful way with LGBTQ people from other generations. Many do not have children to care for them as they age nor do they have families that fully support them. Too many LGBTQ people will go through different stages of their lives without some measure of support that only someone from another generation could provide.

In an effort to cut across the age boundaries of our day-to-day lives in a positive and profound way, SAGE Metro Detroit will join the entire country at 5 p.m. on May 18 to host a "SAGE Table," which brings together LGBTQ people and allies of all ages. This event is one of 163, so far, nationwide to create connections by sharing a meal together, giving LGBTQ people of all ages a chance to have conversations that many have never had before.

The SAGE website reads: "As we build connections among LGBT people of all ages, we strengthen our community ties and forge new traditions. 'SAGE Table' creates the opportunity for LGBT people and their allies to explore what caring for one another can look like when age no longer divides us."

Seating is limited for the special one-day "SAGE Table" - with support from AARP - at Hannan House, 4750 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Pre-registration is required with Judy Lewis via email or visit for more information.

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