Bay area woman fundraises for LGBTQ+ assisted living facility

At the same time, the need for elder care is growing, with an estimated 7 million LGBTQ+ seniors anticipated across the country by 2030. That’s according to the organization SAGE, a leading advocacy group for LGBTQ+ seniors.

According to SAGE, members of this community are more likely to live alone, be socially isolated and have less family support at that stage of life, making inclusive long term care a priority.

“That becomes their new home and if they’re not able to live their authentic life and feel like they’re safe and supported, then there is that fear that I can only live here if I re-closet,”  said Sherill Wayland, Senior Director of Special Initiatives for SAGE.

Wayland said the organization is advocating for nursing homes and assisted living facilities to put protective policies in place. She also advises seniors ask to see a facility’s non-discrimination policies and training protocols in writing when selecting where to live. [..]

Click here to read the full piece. This story was originally published by Bay on June 21, 2023.