Best Practices and Tools to Develop Affordable LGBT Elder Housing


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us live for SAGE's LGBT Elder Housing 2020 Virtual Institute. 

Each live panel presentation was recorded and is available for viewing through the links below found in the agenda below. You can also watch on your smart TV, tablet, or phone, by searching 'SAGE Elder Housing Institute' on YouTube.

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About the Panel

Join us for a conversation on funder’s role amidst a global crisis. Through an interactive conversation with donors, we will discuss philanthropic priorities, strategies to sustain our work, and innovative ways to access funding during a time of crisis.


David Vincent, Moderator | SAGE
David Vincent, PhD is the Chief Program Officer with SAGE, where he provides vision, oversight and leadership to all direct service programs at SAGE, including care management, housing, behavioral health, and SAGE Center programming at SAGE. Prior to joining SAGE, Dr. Vincent was the Deputy Executive Director with the Door. In that capacity he was responsible for the direction and leadership of a continuum of services targeted at the social, physical and mental health of some of New York City’s most vulnerable adolescents. Working closely with executive leadership and program staff, he oversaw the development and implementation of two supportive housing sites for homeless and runaway youth and for youth with mental illness.

Charlie Adams | Pennrose Development
As Regional Vice President, Charlie Adams is responsible for the execution and continued growth of Pennrose’s development pipeline including all aspects of the real estate development process from initial conception through construction, to lease-up and stabilized occupancy or sale within the New England area. Charlie brings more than 20 years of experience to Pennrose in multifamily housing, including the origination, acquisition, financial analysis, underwriting, and syndication of Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments. Charlie joined Pennrose in 2016 and has significant depth and diverse experience in the multifamily industry with experience working for a housing authority, as a syndicator, and performing development responsibilities. Charlie served as Town Meeting Member, chaired the Community Planning and Development Commission, and is currently on the board of the Housing Authority in his hometown of Reading, MA. Charlie is also a member of the MassHousing Multi-Family Advisory Committee.

Jacqueline Boyd | The Care Plan, One Roof Chicago
A passionate LGBTQ+ advocate with over 15 years of expertise in senior care, Jacqueline has built the country’s premier LGBTQ+ centered care management company. The Care Plan’s ground-breaking model of client-directed care provides advocacy, care navigation and advance planning for successful aging experiences. Simultaneously, the company supplies training, strategic planning and infrastructural support to nonprofits, businesses and community groups across the US. At the helm of The Care Plan’s leadership, Jacqueline has consulted with national and local organizations such as SAGE, Diverse Elders Coalition, and AIDS Foundation Chicago to enhance services offered to LGBTQ+ older adults.

Karyn Skultety | Openhouse
Dr. Karyn Skultety is the Executive Director of Openhouse, a non-profit that provides housing, services and community engagement for older LGBTQ+ individuals. Karyn has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts and specialized in geriatric psychology. Karyn has worked in aging services throughout her career in in clinical, educational and administrative leadership roles. She is a dynamic leader known for her approach to effective change management and creating programs that creatively and effectively serve underrepresented and marginalized older adults.

Michael Jacobs | National Equity Fund
Michael Jacobs is a senior vice president and head of the originations group overseeing the acquisition of Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties throughout the United States. Jacobs’ acute sense of investment viability and long-term business perspective, along with his talent for collaboration helps maintain NEF’s competitive edge over other syndicators.

Anna Kear | Tonic Living
Anna was appointed in May 2018 as the first CEO of Tonic, with a mandate to transform our founders vision of LGBT+ retirement communities in the UK into a reality. Anna is Chair of the ‘Building Safe Choices’ action research group working with Stonewall Housing and Opening Doors London and the ‘Housing with Pride’ steering group working with HouseProud to actively promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity and affirmative action in the social housing sector.

2020 Virtual Housing Institute Agenda

Taking Care of Our Own: Best Practices and Tools to Develop Affordable LGBT Elder Housing

Join housing experts and advocates to discuss tools and best practices for developing and sustaining affordable housing for LGBT elders, including a robust map for staying aligned to mission in perpetuity. Learn about what works and what to watch out for, with holistic attention paid to the collaboration between three key players: the developer, service provider, and management company of a building. Special focus and attention will be given to crisis planning and the disparate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LGBT elders’ access to safe, affordable housing.


Housing Models Grounded in Equity: Community Displacement, Tensions, and Collective Resilience

How does COVID help us prepare for future crises in diverse geographies? LGBT elders do not solely reside in urban centers. Gentrification’s impact on affordability, accessibility, and an elder’s ability to stay where LGBTQ+ rights have been trailblazed is evident in our current moment, necessitating a stronger presence in rural and suburban communities due to displacement. If elders are forced out of urban centers, what legal protections and housing is available elsewhere? What can we be doing to mobilize communities around support, safety, and enhanced understanding of LGBT elder needs? Visibility and public education in non-urban areas and in aging facilities is critical. Let’s discuss strategies to address these national dynamics.

The Role of Funders Amidst a Pandemic: Funding Strategies for Housing Development

Join us for a conversation on funder’s role amidst a global crisis. Through an interactive conversation with donors, we will discuss philanthropic priorities, strategies to sustain our work, and innovative ways to access funding during a time of crisis.

Legislation, Policy and Community: Advocacy Considerations in the Current Moment

2020 has brought underlying issues of inequity to the forefront, through both a global pandemic and community outrage in the movement for Black lives. Beyond forming intentional communities, what legal protections and policies can protect LGBT elders? What innovative ways are people developing alternative systems? A dearth of affordable housing has forced us to look at policy and advocacy with innovation, including legal protection and high-level policies aimed to reach LGBT elders in a diverse array of communities amidst the current public health and social justice climates.