National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

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National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAD) is observed on September 18 each year to bring awareness to the aging-related challenges of HIV prevention, testing, care, and treatment. With advanced treatment options, people with HIV (PWH) are living longer, healthier lives, but they still face stigma and challenges.

Even though more than 50% of PWH in the U.S. are aged 50 and older, many people continue to view HIV/AIDS and aging as disparate issues. Consequently, our current medical and social service systems are largely unprepared to deal with growing numbers of older PWH. That’s why SAGE formed the HIV & Aging Policy Action Coalition (HAPAC), a dynamic, diverse, and long-term survivor driven group. HAPAC’s mission is to educate policymakers at the federal level and in states across the nation, encouraging them to enact policies and fund programs in support of long-term survivors and older PWH.

In honor of NHAAD, we are asking folks to take actions that can help improve the lives of older PWH:

1 – If you are aging with HIV, or are involved in the field, tell us about your experience! Use your voice to share your story by responding to the video below!

2 – Another way you can show your support for older PWH is by being a SAGE Voter. By staying informed and voting in the November election, you can contribute to HAPAC’s mission of amplifying the voices of older PWH and their allies at both the federal and national level.

3 – Educate yourself! Listen to what those in the HIV and aging space have to say:

Or, check out HAPAC’s report Emerging Issues in HIV and Aging, released to serve as a foundation on which to develop policy and program recommendations that will address the needs of older PWH. Read the report, share with the hashtag #NHAAD, and tag @sageusa!

Help us show that that older people with HIV refuse to be invisible.