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National LGBT Elder Housing Initiative
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Homes should be our havens – shelters safe enough to be
ourselves as LGBT people, especially as we age.
Yet too often this aspiration does not match our realities. Research and experience show that
when we apply for housing in independent senior living communities, or attempt to rent and buy apartments
and homes, we routinely encounter discrimination, and our housing choices become even starker.
Moreover, a lifetime of discrimination has reduced the support networks and economic security of many
LGBT older people, leaving us vulnerable to housing instability at a critical point in our lives.
The Problem
Around the country, LGBT older people face profound challenges in obtaining LGBT-welcoming housing—
a problem that will increase significantly as the elder population doubles in the next few decades,
and more “out” and empowered LGBT people age into their retirement years.
Find out some key facts on the LGBT older adult population. >>
Economic Insecurity
Because of a lifetime of discrimination, LGBT older people often enter their retirement years with high rates of economic insecurity and smaller support networks, which heighten their need for housing security. Review Out and Visible, a new research report on LGBT older people, ages 45-75. >>
Housing Discrimination
Extensive research shows that LGBT older people often encounter profound discrimination when seeking housing in independent senior living communities—an experience that extends into the broader housing market when they attempt to rent and buy apartments and homes. Look at a 2014 report on housing discrimination against older same-sex couples. >>
Lack of Legal Protections
LGBT older people lack legal protections at the federal and state levels that would prevent and correct housing discrimination—and where protections do exist, LGBT people are generally unaware of those rights. Read the latest updates from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. >>
Racial & Gender Disparities
LGBT older people of color and transgender elders often face heightens barriers to housing insecurity. SAGE’s recent research report, Out and Visible, found that 24% of LGBT older people of color report experiencing housing discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity and 25% of transgender older people report experiencing housing discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Read more. >>
Imagine a New Reality

SAGE has launched a national, multi-year LGBT elder housing initiative to ensure that millions
of LGBT older people can access welcoming LGBT housing in all its forms.
Here are 5 keys to our initiative:
Building Housing
Training Providers
Changing Policy
Educating Consumers
Expanding Services
SAGE will invest in building model LGBT elder housing in select communities,
while sharing our model nationwide to create more LGBT elder housing.
In cities and towns throughout the country, LGBT older people should have the option to
live in affordable, LGBT-friendly senior housing developments. Learn more about new housing project developments nationwide. >>

Read the full policy brief here. >>

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SAGE thanks the Calamus Foundation, Citi Community Development, and the Wells Fargo Foundation for their generous support in helping to bring awareness about the economic security issues facing LGBT older people, including housing.

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