SAGE: Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders
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SAGE Atlanta

SAGE Atlanta

The Phillip Rush Center
1530 Dekalb Ave, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 688-2524

Mailing Address
1530 Dekalb Ave, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30307

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Linda Ellis
Executive Director

Programs & Services
Arts and Culture
Health & Wellness
Money & Finance
Card Games
Social Events
Gay Pride Celebrations
History & Heritage Programs
Health Fairs
Cultural Competency Training
Speakers Bureau
Bereavement Support Group
Information & Referral
Health Information Clinic
Legal Clinic

About SAGE Atlanta

SAGE Atlanta serves to enrich the lives of the GLBT senior community. We believe this can be accomplished by sponsoring social alternatives to provide personal interaction, offering educational opportunities to deal with the special needs of aging, and promoting contact with the isolated and homebound persons of our community. SAGE is also an advocate for the concerns and needs of the senior GLBT community at large, providing referral information of community resources and promoting inter-generational communication in the GLBT community.

SAGE Atlanta is working to improve the overall quality of life of LGBT seniors; to support and advocate for the rights of LGBT seniors; to foster a greater understanding of aging in all communities; and to promote positive images of LGBT life in the later years. SAGE Atlanta is a member of the SAGE affiliate network. We are committed to providing service, advocacy, and raising community awareness of issues concerning LGBT seniors. SAGE Atlanta is located at the Phillip Rush Center in downtown Atlanta.

About the Phillip Rush Center

The Phillip Rush Center is named for noted community advocate and philanthropist Phillip Rush in honor of his long-standing commitment to bring diverse people and organizations together in an effort to foster partnerships and understanding. With initial funding from the Lloyd Russell Foundation, the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Fund and a host of individual donors, the Phillip Rush Center houses office space, meeting and training rooms to be used by organizations whose mission or activities advance LGBT rights and understanding.


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