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Photo of Aundaray Guess

Aundaray Guess

Site Manager, SAGE-GRIOT Innovative Senior Center of Brooklyn

Aundaray Guess has worked in the LGBT field for 15 years. Currently he’s the Site Manager for the SAGE-GRIOT ISC and has the official title of director of programs at GRIOT Circle. In addition to developing programs for the LGBT community, Aundaray is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and a regular featured writer for Poz Magazine. Aundaray has experience in public relations and communications which offered the opportunity to develop communication strategies for non-profits such as Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD) and GRIOT Circle. As the Communication Director of GMAD, he helped institute social media communication strategies which resulted in increase awareness within the non-profit industry. He is responsible for creating the agency’s HIV stigma poster marketing campaigns which are recognized locally and nationally. Currently, as the Director of Programs at GRIOT Circle, he develops essential programming for LGBT elders of color and oversees the agency communication department. Aundaray has a Bachelor of Science from New York University in Media Studies and is in the process of obtaining his Masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at NYU.

In 2001 Aundaray created Flayva Cabaret, a theatre company which showcased LGBT People of Color. This was a highly successful venture which received praised in Minneapolis, MN. Aundaray has sat on the grant review committee for Philantro Fund and has served five terms on the Board of Director for HCCI, A Haitian HIV focused agency in Brooklyn, where he headed the communication committee. He was one of the founders of the first Black Pride committee in Minnesota. In May 2014, he started ARISe, a communication company which helps small business develop social media marketing strategies.

When Aundaray is not enjoying the many sites and sounds of New York City, he spends enjoyable time being a loving provider to his two beagles, Hope and Parker. He is also trying to curb his appetite for Garrett’s famous Cheese Popcorn.

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