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Photo of Bob  Downing

Bob Downing

Office Administrator

Robert Downing is the Office Administrator at Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE).  In addition to ordering and making sure the office runs smoothly and supplies are on hand, Robert is a member of the Operations team, working together to ensure that all SAGE facilities are welcoming, comfortable, clean, safe and secure for both staff members and participants of the many SAGE programs. Robert has been a SAGE constituent since he retired in 2003 and moved with his husband Christian to New York. Robert volunteered as a Friendly Visitor and Lend a Hand, at socials, and on the switchboard.  Robert became a part-time staff member in 2007 and full-time in February 2008.

Robert retired after 20 years as Personnel Manager of Boxit Corp in Cleveland, Ohio. During that time, he also was involved in LGBT activities and local community projects. Robert was co-founder of the Cleveland LGBT newspaper (still operating after 25 years), The Gay Peoples Chronicle. He hosted the Cleveland Gay Fathers group for 20 years in his home. Robert was also involved in the startup of A Common Bond, a national support group for LGBT ex Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was President of SADA for 14 years (a development group in a recovering neighborhood). Robert also served for 10 years as the Chairperson of the board of The Cuyahoga County Ombudsman’s Office (an advocacy group for users of county services, housing, welfare, food stamps, and more).

Robert graduated from Gilead College in Brooklyn Heights in 1960. From 1960-1970, he lived in Zambia (known as Northern Rhodesia, a British colony, until 1964), where he was an instructor of adult literacy in the Cibemba language.

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