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Photo of Larry Chanen & Joy Tomchin

Larry Chanen
& Joy Tomchin

SAGE Donors
Larry and Joy on why they became co-chairs of SAGE National Leadership Council. READ MORE
Photo of Christina DaCosta

Christina DaCosta

SAGE Staff Member
Christina DaCosta is the Online Media Manager for SAGE and the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. READ MORE
Photo of Mario “Mark” Galvez

Mario “Mark” Galvez

SAGE Volunteer
Spotlight on Mark Galvez, a SAGE volunteer. READ MORE
Photo of Carol Garcia

Carol Garcia

SAGE Donor
Carol Garcia on leaving a lasting legacy to SAGE. READ MORE
Photo of Caesar Libonati

Caesar Libonati

SAGE Volunteer
Caesar Libonati has been volunteering at SAGE since 1978. READ MORE
Photo of Hilary Meyer

Hilary Meyer

SAGE Staff Member
Hilary Meyer is SAGE's Chief Enterprise and Innovation Officer READ MORE
Photo of Trumbull Rogers

Trumbull Rogers

SAGE Donor
Trumbull Rogers, a good friend and client of SAGE’s Social Services, left us a wonderful legacy. READ MORE
Photo of Sarah Savino

Sarah Savino

SAGE Staff Member
Sarah Savino on why managing The SAGE Center is her dream job. READ MORE
Photo of George Stewart

George Stewart

SAGE Constituent Leader
George Stewart, White House Champion of Change, on how he became an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community. READ MORE
Photo of Maribelle Vazquez

Maribelle Vazquez

SAGE Constituent Leader
Meet Maribelle Vazquez, a SAGE Harlem member committed to creating safe spaces for Latina lesbians. READ MORE
Photo of William Weinberger

William Weinberger

SAGE Board Member
Bill Weinberger, one of SAGE's first L.A. board members, tells us why he got involved with SAGE. READ MORE
Photo of Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

SAGE Board Member
Kevin Williams on growing older and creating a better world for LGBT people. READ MORE
Photo of Serena Worthington

Serena Worthington

SAGE Staff Member
Photo of Michelle  Alcedo

Michelle Alcedo

NRC Trainer
Michelle Alcedo is the Director of Programs at openhouse in San Francisco and a Certified National Resource Center on LGBT Aging Center Trainer. READ MORE

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