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Photo of Christina DaCosta

Christina DaCosta

SAGE Staff Member

Her role:

As Online Media Manager, Christina builds out the Resource Center website and guides a social media strategy to generate knowledge, networking, and information sharing on LGBT aging.

On what inspires her about the Resource Center:

What inspires me most about the creation of the National Resource Center is the collaborative effort that went into creating it, from an inkling of a dream, to the realization that will make the Resource Center the clearing- house for trusted and reliable information on LGBT aging.

On the Resource Center’s impact:

I get a lot of requests from people—LGBT older adults as well as aging service providers— in non-urban areas about obtaining reliable information about LGBT aging. I think the Resource Center has the tremendous potential to facilitate the spread of information and increase the national dialogue on LGBT aging issues. Also, I hope that our constituents in urban areas, such as the New York City area, will see an increase in services, laws, and policies that affirm the diversity of the aging experience.

Visit the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.

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