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LGBT older people face the same challenges of aging as their heterosexual peers, such as declining health, economic insecurity, loss of friends and family. However, they also face unique challenges that may have disrupted their lives and their connections with their families of origin. In addition, many LGBT older people do not seek out the services and health care they need for fear of encountering aging providers who are not aware of their issues, or who might even be hostile.

As a service provider, you may be asking how you can best support the growing numbers of LGBT older adults in your community. SAGE offers groundbreaking cultural competency trainings to help staff at community-based organizations, senior centers, and health care facilities to better serve LGBT older adults.

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

At the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, we often hear from organizations that work with older adults (and LGBT organizations who work with non-aged populations) that they are open to working with LGBT clients but are not sure of how to provide the best possible services. Sometimes organizations unintentionally make assumptions about LGBT older adults that can inhibit the quality of services, resulting in LGBT older adults being excluded or fearing less-than-equal treatment.

To address these issues, the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, under the project lead of PHI in collaboration with seven other training partners, developed four separate 4-hour trainings: two for aging services providers and two for LGBT organizations. We offer your agency these trainings free of charge, to all levels of staff and volunteers, to assist you in learning the best ways to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for your LGBT older adult population. To learn more, or request a training today, visit the National Resource Center site.

In New York City

In addition to the National Resource Center's cultural competency training, SAGE offers trainings in the New York City area that use a variety of adult learning techniques designed to demonstrate how LGBT older adults are unique in the professional care setting and how providers can cost-effectively modify intake, services and marketing to make their organizations welcoming. Our trainings are flexible and can be designed to meet your agency's needs. We offer trainings for LGBT organizations, retirement facilities, social service agencies, senior centers, and more.

For more information, please email Doreen Bermudez at, or call (212) 741-2247.

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Doreen Bermudez trains aging providers nationwide to make their agencies more welcoming to LGBT elders.

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