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LGBT older people rely on families and friends for critical support in times of need. Running errands, picking up prescriptions, paying bills, cooking meals, or accompanying a friend to the doctor—this is just the kind of help we give to members of our community who are experiencing poor health or going through a rough patch. But sometimes providing this kind of caregiving for a friend or loved one can feel overwhelming.

Whether you are caring for a friend, partner, relative or other loved one, SAGE has services that can support you when the demands become too much, including:

  • Support groups and safe spaces for LGBT caregivers to share advice and suggestions;
  • Recommendations on safe and LGBT-affirming long-term care and home-based care services; and
  • Supplemental funds for emergency expenses;
  • Caregiver respite, which provides a care recipient with temporary care so a caregiver can take a break or attend to other commitments.

To learn more, please contactus at 212-741-2247.

SAGE's Caregiving Program is generously funded in part by the Department for the Aging (DFTA).

Other Caregiving Programs

SAGECAP provides a safe, welcoming community that helps caregivers navigate their current and future needs: as they provide care for a loved one, SAGECAP cares for them, and in turn helps them prepare for the time in their life when they may need care. Learn more.

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