SAGE: Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders
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National Leadership Council

SNLC Welcome
Benefits & Opportunities
SAGE National Leadership Council is a dynamic network of individuals working alongside SAGE stakeholders, staff and the board of directors to raise the visibility of SAGE’s local and national programs. Members help address issues concerning the older LGBT community through fundraising, outreach and advocacy. They are critical to our success by standing with SAGE to provide resources that meet the needs of our constituents and advance the rights of our community.

SAGE would like to thank the dedicated and passionate members for their leadership, service and generosity.


Larry Chanen, Esq. – New York City
Jennifer Hatch – New York City

Honorary Co-Chair
James C. Hormel – San Francisco

Board Liaison
George Zuber – Fort Lauderdale

Members at Large
David W. Canter – New York City
Carol Davidson & Jody Silver – New York City
Jay R. DiBiaso, Jim Tyrrell and Roger Thomson – Miami
Dr. Margaret Jacob & Dr. Lynn Hunt – Los Angeles
Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba – New York City
James G. Pepper – Miami
Steve A. Rabin – Los Angeles
John B. Roberts, Esq. – New York City
Gerald Rupp, Esq. – New York City
Thomas Sciacca, Esq. – New York City
Ted Snowdon & Duffy Violante – New York City
Joy A. Tomchin – New York City
Richard C. Weber – New York City/Miami
The Calamus Foundation – Philanthropic Member Organization

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