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SAGE Rhode Island

SAGE Rhode Island

235 Promenade Street
Suite 500, Box 18
Providence, RI 02908

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235 Promenade Street, Suite 500, Box 18
Providence, RI 02908

Marguerite M. McLaughlin

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About SAGE Rhode Island



Today’s SAGE Rhode Island is a group of dedicated people committed to promoting, empowering and contributing to positive lifestyles and quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elders through service, education and advocacy.


Originally incorporated in 1997, SAGE Rhode Island considered itself an intergenerational and culturally diverse social organization whose goal was to empower elder lesbian and gay men to take part in decision making that affects their lives, meeting the unique needs of the LGBT community and providing high quality programs. As expected, the focus and membership of SAGE Rhode Island has shifted and morphed over the last 14 years with a new group of individuals reinvigorating the former SAGE Rhode Island.

Recent Highlights

Through the hard work of many of its members, in November of 2005, SAGE Rhode Island began a significant piece of work that helped to identify the unique needs of the LGBT community. SAGE Rhode Island gathered the LGBT community to conduct a needs assessment. The remarkable report that ensued known as “Meet the Older Neighbor” has become the “high bar” in naming and addressing the stated needs of the LGBT community. It created a space within the community to define its own needs and consider the possible solutions.

With a new steering committee and strong and diverse advisory group, SAGE Rhode Island ambitiously seeks to become a leader in education influencing healthcare and academic communities. Already the group has organized educational events, workshops and social programs in support of the above stated mission. SAGE Rhode Island:

  • Has planned and implemented the Elder Summit that brought together community leaders to discuss the needs and solutions of the LGBT community.
  • Develops partnerships with educational and healthcare communities,
  • Provides educational programs at the request of providers and the RI LGBT community
  • Has surveyed and reported on the attitudes of  the Lesbian Elder community with regard to healthcare
  • Has surveyed and reported on the attitudes of Rhode Island Healthcare providers with regard to lesbian healthcare
  • Has influenced social change by creating resources and tools that can be used by the LGBT community as well as those who support the LGBT community.

Going forward, SAGE Rhode Island is committed to responding to the direct needs of its constituents. Their voice has given rise to the need for housing and homecare alternatives; currently, a study is underway to investigate alternative housing options. SAGE Rhode Island will continue to work with hospitals, nursing homes and physician offices in an effort to create LGBT friendly settings that recognize the unique needs of the community.


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