SAGE: Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders
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SAGE of the Rockies

SAGE of the Rockies

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado
1301 E Colfax
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 951-5222

Mailing Address
1301 E Colfax
Denver, CO 80218

Reynaldo Mireles
Program Coordinator

Programs & Services
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Gay Pride Celebrations
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Intergenerational Programs
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Transgender Programs
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Mental Health Counseling
Benefits Counseling
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Job Coaching Sessions
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Transgender Services
Creative Expression groups

About SAGE of the Rockies

Over the past decade, an active and committed group of advocates has drawn increasing attention to the often neglected issues of growing old as a gay man, a lesbian, a bisexual or a transgendered person. Gay and Gray in the West was an organization begun very informally that eventually produced three significant conferences in Denver that helped to articulate these issues locally, and that ultimately led to the creation of a full-fledged program at The Center. 

In 2009, The Center became an affiliate of SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders), the nation’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to the older members of the LGBT community, and our program was officially named SAGE of the Rockies. Our program embodies the principles and values of SAGE as reflected in all we have to offer.

SAGE of the Rockies offers SAGEWorks, a program designed to improve the capacity of LGBT older adults to remain productive, vital and contributing members of the nation's work force.  In 2012 funds from the Walmart Foundation Grant were used to remunerate trained, public library technology docents to teach our SAGEWorks classes at the main branch of the Denver Public Library.  Collaboration with our Transgender Program, here at the Center, is intensifying, as the Trans elder population in our area has been underserved around issues of economic self-sufficiency.

Recent Highlights

CompreCare Foundation Grant

SAGE of the Rockies received funding from the CompreCare Foundation to create a health and wellness program for their SAGE community. They hosted a mini-health fair on May 12, 2012 as a kick-off and over the course of the year, have been recruiting and training peer mentors to offer encouragement to participants. Following the fair SAGE of the Rockies increased the number of physical engagement activities and workshops on a variety of health (mental and physical) topics. Wednesday morning Yoga classes and Saturday morning walking classes have already taken off.

Spousal Impoverishment Advocacy
In February 2012, SAGE of the Rockies conducted training seminars related to LGBT elders and spousal impoverishment protections under Medicaid with a wide variety of policymakers and health care professionals in Colorado, including the Denver Regional Council of Government, district attorney offices, doctors, in-home care providers and charities. The trainings focused on the unique needs of LGBT elders, and how lack of legal recognition of same-sex relationships negatively impacts the economic security and well-being of LGBT older people. Read a story in OutFront Online about this effort.

Silver Sneakers Fitness Program Site Designation

In September of 2012, the GLBT Community Center of Colorado and SAGE of the Rockies, received designation as a Silver Sneakers site.  Five Colorado insurance companies currently include this proactive health and fitness program as part of their Medicare insurance coverage.  SAGE of the Rockies may be the first GLBT elder program included as a Silver Sneakers site.

Following a suggestion by a Kaiser Permanente geriatric physician, an application to Healthways and a site evaluation, SAGE of the Rockies will begin offering classes in the near future.  Our first basic classes will be Cardio Circuit and Muscular Strength and Range of Movement. There is not a fitness or recreation center in the inner city neighborhood.  The GLBT Community Center of Colorado has been told that within five miles of our Center, there are currently 2,400 already existing Silver Sneakers members!

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